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- For the footnote and bibliography of papers which will be sent to the Sypmosium, spelling rules of İSNAD should be taken as a basis.

- The abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the basic parameters such as title, determining the problem, content, suggestion, conclusion.

- Maximum one abstract can be sent to the symposium with the same name..

- The work that will be sent must not have been previously presented as a paper.

- Responsibility of abstracts and papers in terms of scientific research ethics belongs to the author.

- For presentation at symposium, the full text of notification must be sent on the specified date.

- Owners of the paper undertake to transfer the copyright of notification’s texts that they will present at symposium and will be located in symposium’s book.     .

- The full texts that are sent timely will be published in accordance with referee’s report as a part of in an editorial book.

- Participation fee will not be taken from the participants of the symposium. 

- The travel and accommodation costs of participants belong to them.

- Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian and Kurdish papers can be sent to the symposium.